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Dona Cholita Tortilla - 12 pk

Dona Cholita Tortilla - 12 pk

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Organic Corn Tortillas

Our traditional Mexican organic corn tortillas are baked fresh in New South Wales from 100 percent natural ingredients.  Using organic whole grain corn, which is soaked, cooked and ground, in the ancient nixtamal method, then sent to us as a masa harina, each tortilla is lovingly hand-crafted in a way that would make Doña Cholita (Jefte’s Grandmother) proud.

Our blue and white organic corn tortillas are made with organic, non-GMO, nixtamalized maize flour and filtered water.  That’s it.  Nothing else is added – no preservatives or flavour enhancers, and no artificial anything. They are naturally gluten-free.

We bake our tortillas with nixtamalized maize flour. The process of nixtamalization activates the maize, which breaks down enzymes, making it easier for your body to digest and access the nutrients in the corn. Most commercial tortillas are usually made with dried corn/maize and have many nasty additives, which compromises the nutritional benefits.

Storage: Store in fridge for three weeks or freeze for up to six months.


They come in white corn or blue corn

•  GMO Free  • Gluten Free  • Vegan  • No Preservatives  •
made fresh in Australia from organic ingredients