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Yogi Nectar Lime Probiotic Kefir 750ml

Yogi Nectar Lime Probiotic Kefir 750ml

Yogi Nectar
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Yogi Nectar is a first of its kind blending thousands of years of ancient live kefirwisdom with cutting edge modern commercial production to retain the integrity of its unique nutritional benefits. Master brewed to exact standards Yogi Nectar is one of the premium products on the market that is not watered down or filled with acid regulator, it is alive and kicking in the bottle straight into your gut. Yogi Nectar represents a truly ground breaking offer in probiotics.

Yogi Nectar is a sparkling probiotic kefir water dedicated to making health and wellness accessible to all people. Our mission is to encourage people to take a journey of self healing. We want to spread the message that our gut is our second brain that needs to be nourished and cared for through probiotics like Yogi Nectar.

As true believers in probiotic kefir we are determined to make health & well being accessible to all.